David Mitchell Garrett, Jr.’s great-great-uncle helped write the Oklahoma constitution, and ever since, the Garrett family has been committed to protecting the civil rights of the state’s citizens. A civil rights violation occurs when a person acting under color and authority of state law deprives a citizen of rights secured by the Constitution or the laws of the United States. Civil rights encompass a broad and often misunderstood area of the law that affects people more than they might realize in their everyday lives. An encounter with any law enforcement, whether a police officer, corrections officer, jail official or employee of a private company performing traditional government functions, can result in a civil rights violation. Garrett Law Center is one of the leading civil rights firms in the state, and our Tulsa civil rights attorneys have handled cases involving police misconduct and prison litigation, defending the rights and lives of those whose civil rights have been endangered.

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Police Misconduct

there are instances where police officers commit acts of misconduct and violate constitutional rights. The more common examples are use of excessive force, false charges to cover up bad arrests, extreme use of physical or verbal threats during interrogation, false imprisonment, coercion of women into sexual acts, and a refusal to testify against a fellow officer charged with police misconduct.  If you have been a victim in one of those instances, please let us know!

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Prison & Jail Litigation

While people are sent to correctional facilities as a result of wrongdoing, they are still entitled to protection of certain civil rights. A frequent example involves prison suicide. If an inmate has threatened suicide and the jail personnel are aware of it, they must take steps to prevent an inmate from a subsequent attempt. Also, if an inmate has a serious need requiring medical attention, prison personnel must not delay in administering help.  If you have got hurt because of that, let us help you!

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Civil Rights FAQ

Yes,  the federal law allows victims of a civil rights violation to file a lawsuit for money damages and injunctive relief (stopping the misconduct). If you believe your civil rights have been violated by law enforcement, do not let their authority intimidate you.  Please let us know that.

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